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      • FSY3510
        Frame/Impeller:Reinforced Plastic Ul94V-0
        Bearings:Ball Bearing
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      companyspecialized in developing, manufacturing and selling cooling fan, blowing fan, cross fan, brushless motor and EC cooling fans.Our headquarter is in South No.9 Yuexingwei industrial area, Guanlan subdistrict, Longhua district, Shenzhen. By now we operate Fonsoning (HK) International Limited and Dongguan Senhong Industrial Investment Limited, have our own brand and plenty of patents.Throughout our development and research in fans area, Fonsoning has always been adhering to the “Customer centered, Quality first”principle. As our market keeps expanding globally...

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      Company: Shenzhen FengShengyuan Electronics Co.,Ltd.

      Contact: Mr. Chen

      Tel: 0755-28015524

      Phone: 13316518005

      E-mail: fsy@fonsoning.com

      Address: 4/F,Building 1,Fumin Yuexinwei Industrial District,Guanlan Town,Shenzhen

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